Arkhe Group

The Arkhe Group located in Fukui, Japan, is a leader of eyeglasses and textile techniques. We strive to be innovators and trend setters that provide you with products that simplify life. We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Let's get started!

Product Information

Arkhe’s eco-friendly products are made of Polylactic acid resin, which is made from the lactic acid obtained through fermentation of cornstarch. In the soil or water, microbes convert the products into water and carbon dioxide, and then green plants take them in through the process known as photosynthesis, converting once again to starch.


We at Arkhe value the harmony of "the human and the environment", and supply our "goods" to support this idea and promote a recycling-oriented society.
We see consumption increase with population growth while people pursue material wealth at the expense of precious environment. This has to stop in order to preserve our environment.
Our products promote a recycling-based society. To live up with you, your communities and expectation, we will continuously focus on the harmony of human and the environment and bring you products what will simplify your life.

Arkhe Will co.,ltd.

  • Arkhe Will Co., Ltd.
  • Established: July 2000
  • Products: Biodegradable Plastic products (Novelty Goods, Agricultural Products, etc.)
  • Nursing Care Products (Cloth diaper "PULITO" series, incontinent pads, etc.)


JAPAN, 918-8152
TEL: 81-776-38-4611
FAX: 81-776-38-4617